Couples to tanker ship with efficient wind power, speeds comparable to and possibly exceeding diesel, utilizing existing tanker fleet.

Vessel couples and decouples with TankerProa at locations offshore from ports. The TankerProa never enters the port of origin or destination, and is only coupled to the vessel on the transoceanic segment of the voyage.

Prevents rolling of the tanker vessel due to the outrigger – eliminating the need for ballast water.

Engineering The current engineering team is led by Founder and President Frank Berte.  He has been involved in sailboat design for the past 35 years.  He has 3 US patents on advanced sailboat designs, the first of which was funded by the National Science Foundation through the MIT Innovation Center. Frank Berte also holds a bachelor’s of science degree in mechanical engineering from City University of New York, and a number of degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), including a PhD in nuclear engineering.  He is also the founder and president of an international engineering firm.